The Glue Between Business & IT.

What We Do

Starting and building business today are highly driven by having right working methods and the IT systems to support them. Our background within science of education, IT knowledge and entrepreneurship provides me with excellent tools to help companies develop and grow within their business area. We have worked within companies in all sizes from very small to enterprise.

In our roles we want to make sure that my customers will be able to see beyond the silos of every business area or department and try to see the helicopter vision instead. That is one a key success factors of any business and also one of the parts I am working within.

Making business change their line of working and make people do things differently is making my day every time. It is usually a tough journey but the success factor is to be stubber and smooth at the same time.

Our skills can be said in a couple of works, ”Glue between business and IT” and ”Change the way you work today to a lighter place”.

The Name

The name Chief monkey was invented one night of working with a good friend when we were discussing who should do the monkey work and who should do the technical work. I lost due the comment of “But Peter, you are the Chief Monkey!”

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